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Kingdom Hearts Forsaken; Join Us [: !
Topic Started: Sep 1 2011, 09:32 PM (236 Views)

Kingdom Hearts Forsaken

Recently the Heartless have started to appear in the worlds more frequently, the reason is yet unknown why though. If things weren't bad enough, portals have been appearing in each world at random times and random locations that connect them to some of the other worlds. However, due to the lack of Keyblade users these portals cannot be destroyed and the Heartless are continuing to run reckless, some people have been able to defend their homes and towns but others have been ravaged of life. Until the source of this darkness has become apparent nothing can be done to save the worlds from destruction.

With the scarce amount of Keybladers, the job of protecting the Light has fallen on new heroes. But how will they shape the worlds? The choice ... Is Yours.

Kingdom Hearts Forsaken is a Kingdom Hearts role play featuring some unique systems, first off the Story system. The board will have a Story to shape the plot, so what happens can be up to you if you join a Story Event, be a part of the Story and make your mark. Secondly, there is the death system - yes, that's right your characters CAN die whether it be in a simple RP or during a Quest. There is Darkness out there just waiting to hunt down the Light.

At the moment the board is still getting off the ground and all help is appreciated and there is currently a staff hire so if you think you have what it takes then apply!
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