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One Piece New Age RP
Topic Started: Jun 27 2011, 04:22 AM (241 Views)

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Have you ever wanted to travel across the Blues in One Piece? Have you ever wanted to play as a Pirate or Marine? Perhaps a sadistic Marine or a kind hearted pirate? Maybe you want to play something else? Well, you can do play any kind of character at One Piece New Age RP. Start at the Blues and work your way toward Grand Line, then ultimately the New World.

One Piece New Age RP is a stat based role play, where you are given the freedom to create your journey to become the best of the One Piece Universe. If you wish to join our RP, then please click One Piece New Age RP.

We are a fairly new RP and the site design is still being worked on. If you have any questions, our staff will gladly answer.
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