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One Piece Explore
Topic Started: Apr 13 2011, 07:13 AM (201 Views)

One Piece Explore

One Piece Explore takes place decades after the journey of Monkey D. Luffy. Rumor has it that they found the One Piece, though confirmation was never made. Leaving the rest of the media in question whether the Straw Hat Pirates found it or not. However till this day, pirates from around the globe are on a frenzy to find it. A new era of pirates has awakened. Do you think you can find it, mate?

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Chapter One: The Inauguration

Seas remain ever changing during this period. The atmosphere throughout the globe brings forth the feeling of a new era. The aged ones of the previous eras are getting replaced by new individuals. Pirates from all parts of the world have started to make a name for themselves in this New era. Marines remain the same and still attempt to put a stop to these rampaging pirates. Alongside them, the corrupt World Government still attempt to keep the globe at balance. Hence the reason of the addition of the Goban. However in the New World, the Yonkou have remained dormant for some peculiar reason. Which keeps the World Government and media at question.

Chapter Two: Lockdown

10 years after the Era begins... nearly all the old figures of the previous eras have disappeared. However, one event happens that causes a ripple throughout the world. Two Yonkou attack each other, causing a war. Luckily for the World, the war soon ends as the Two Yonkou leave each other alone and their match turns to a draw. The clash between the two titans cause mass pandemonium and increased pirate activity in certain areas.

So the Gorousei meet for the first time in many years and decide on a course of action. During the 10 years of the Era, the Gorousei have amassed a force of Shichibukai, Marines, and secret Agents to deal with the current pirate threat. New weapons known as the Pacifista appear in pirate zones and eradicate pirates. Pirate hotzones are eliminated and many pirates go into hiding from the World Government. Marines have been dispatched to many areas of the world, in order to protect the world and prevent pirate activity from rising.

However, because of the influences of the Yonkou, the Grand Line and the New World have created havens for pirates to gather and be safe from the marines. The World Government calls their plan Operation: Lockdown, a lockdown of the World. The blues have become less and less safe for Pirates and Revolutionaries alike.

Bounty Hunters, Marines, and Mercenaries are now flourishing. But there are rumors of increasing pirate activity in certain areas of the world... including the New World, which has put the World Government and the entire world on edge.


Are you ready to become a seafarer in the world of One Piece?
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