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Your world, repainted; Yet another favorite of my readers...
Topic Started: Jan 26 2010, 06:33 PM (342 Views)

your world; painted so bright, so colorful,
will soon clash with Mine
your reds and greens will twist and hide among My shadows
your yellows, your blues will be demoted to the blacks and greys of My world
oranges will not escape the contortions
purple will be purples, nevermore
and when you look at your fruitless, colorless new world
you will do so through My eyes
and finally,
you will understand
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Ooh. Damn.

Is this about depression? I believe it is, and in that case, it's fantastically done. I've been seriously depressed before. It's a scary thing, and one that this poem pays homage to beautifully.

Amazing job.
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