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Breaking Twilight
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Topic Started: May 31 2010, 08:02 PM (869 Views)
Eleynia Orlean
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light is fading,
nothing's as it seems,
so close your eyes,
hide your face,
here it's breaking twilight

In a world where Bella Swan is never born, everything is different. The vampire world is split into the two great covens, Volterra and Romanians, struggling to maintain control, nomads taking sides or remaining neutral, and the peaceful American Olympic and Denali covens.

In Europe, the Volturi and the Rommas still vie for power even with the increased numbers of the Volturi's guard. And now the desire for consuming power has spread across the Atlantic.

In America, the Olympic and Denali covens live in peace with humans and the shape shifters living on the nearby reservation. They choose to feed of animals to respect the sanctity of life. The Olympic coven had long ago entered into an agreement with the shape shifters. In return for the tribe's silence on the true identity of the Olympic coven members, they promised to avoid their lands and never bite a human again. To this day, the agreement is still enforced.

However, there is another coven who holds no respect for human beings. From New Orleans, the growing, violent Orleans coven gathers nomads and newborns in an attempt to gain power over the Americas. But it won't be simple. First the northern covens must be destroyed. The Orleans coven will do whatever it takes to gain undisputed control.

Amidst the plays for power between the covens, some nomads have chosen to stay out of the fight. They are the neutrals, traveling from one place to another to avoid staying in any coven's territory. And then there are humans who know the truth about what really exists. Like Gianna in Volterra, some desire eternal life and cater to the whims of the traditional covens, hoping for the favor of a transition. Others are hunters who wish to rid the world of every vampire in existence. They will even join forces with the shape shifters on the La Push reservation to get rid of the blood-craving leeches.

Where will you stand when all hell breaks loose?
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