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Wash & Book...
Topic Started: Mar 5 2009, 08:20 PM (433 Views)
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Wash and Book..

Dead or Alive? How do you like to write it, and why?
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Alive. The movie was a quick patch job done to tie up loose ends for a fandom that was left hanging. As much as I respect the effort, and sometimes can wonder at what cannon would be in the aftermath, I disregard the storyline.

Book had so much untapped potential; there were so many possibilities and hints as to his past identity. No way would he have been thrown out like that had the show been able to continue.

And Wash, he was just starting to become 3 dimentional (War Stories anyone?), and there was also potential there for real character development. The funny guy that maybe comes across something that he doesn't find so funny. Or, is he using humor and rediculous stories to hide something not so cheery?

That's just me, right off the top of my head at 3:30 in the morning.
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