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See Me Beautiful; post potter
Topic Started: 29 May 2011, 08:57 PM (429 Views)


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May 2 2027:
Harry Potter is killed by a child of Greyback.
Albus Potter is turned by Andrew Greyback,
the leader of the Greyback pack.

The children of the Trio Generation are out of school and having to learn to be in the
real world with their parents. However, neither generation can guess at the devastation
that is headed their way. Once Fenrir Greyback followed the Death Eaters on trying to
take over the world, but now the tables have turned. His eldest son, Andrew Greyback,
is in control of the pack, and he is more than willing to push his weight around. He has
already plotted the death of one of the greatest heroes ever known to the wizarding world.
Now he is thinking up new terrors to inflict on the wizarding world and… he has his eyes
on complete control of the wizarding world. He is not going to let anyone stand in his way.

At the same time, the Death Eaters are slowly working to build their power, though they
do not seem prepared for the competition from the Greybacks. Will they be able to get
their own power or have to team up with the Greybacks to even have a taste of power?

Is there any hope for the wizarding world?
Or will it all fall apart?

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