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A Day Out; A First Plot Thread
Topic Started: 9 Aug 2009, 08:46 PM (586 Views)
Ginny Weasley
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Ginny had to admit; she was a bit surprised that they were still being allowed to go to Hogsmeade after what had happened last year, right inside the castle. She wasn’t upset about it though, actually she was rather excited that they hadn’t taken away such privileges. Of course her mother had already sent her one owl asking, well practically begging, her to stay behind at the school. Ginny had responded by kindly asking her father to talk some sense into her mother, saying that Dumbledore wouldn’t allow such things if he didn’t believe them to be safe. He must have extra security in place for the day so that they could all go out. Eventually Molly had backed down, allowing Ginny to visit the village, though she likely would have gone anyway.

She stood in line now with the rest of the students, waiting for Filch to pass the Secrecy Sensors over them all to make sure they weren’t sneaking anything dark or dangerous out of the castle. She had never understood why they got checked so thoroughly before leaving, but if she had to put up to it just for a day outside of the castle walls then she would. It was a beautiful day to be out as it was. The sun was shining, there were few clouds, and those that were present were long and wispy. It was warm, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable. She finally got to the front of the line and put up with Filch’s prodding and poking, but he didn’t seem to find anything suspicious with her. Giving her an almost disappointed look and a nod, Filch dismissed Ginny and beckoned to his next victim.

The announcement that they would be allowed to go had come slightly last minute, and it wasn’t exactly typical to have a trip the first week of classes. Apparently it was a special treat after the stress that everyone was in and the battle in the castle last term that Ginny still had scars from. But she was glad for the break already, and it seemed that so did everyone else. As she made her way down towards the front gates, she could hear shouts and laughter as groups of students may their way towards the wizarding village. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and why shouldn’t they be? The first week of classes had passed by with no real mishaps, unless you counted Michael Corner accidently creating a small explosion in potions, which most people didn’t. Of course there was homework to do, but they all welcomed the chance to relax. Even a group of professors was chatting merrily as they headed through the front gates.

Ginny hadn’t planned to go to Hogsmeade with anyone in particular. She’d been so busy with classes the first week to have the chance to really talk to anyone about it. But it didn’t bother her. She found herself smiling easily as she followed the path that would soon open up onto the familiar sight of Hogsmeade. As she walked down the trail, Ginny thought about where she was going to go to first. She rarely went to Zonko’s anymore, what with Fred and George having their own shop, which sold far better products if you asked her. Eventually she’d want to make it to Honeydukes, but maybe first a stop for something cool at the Three Broomsticks? There was plenty of time; she figured she make her way around it all eventually as the day wore on.
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Luna Lovegood
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Luna's eyes shone brightly as she stood patiently in line amongst the rambunctious students who, like herself, were waiting to pass through the gates of Hogwarts. She couldn't help but feel herself grinning widely as she waited for her turn to leave the enclosed sanctum of the school grounds.

Yes, the time had come once again where the students had been allowed the privilege of spending the day within the local village of Hogsmeade, and Luna herself couldn't have been more delighted. It had seemed like ages since her last visit, and with all memories of what happened the previous year, it felt good to be going somewhere more serene. She for one, missed the cozy environment of the quaint little shops with the continuous bustling of customers who were so eager to enter. The majestic smiles mixed with the ringing laughter of those who passed her by, also always seemed to relax her. Sometimes in these outings, she even had the opportunity to enjoy her visit along side some of the more pleasurable students who made her feel welcome. It was almost like having friends.

Hardly noticing that her turn in line had come and left her free to leave, Luna proceeded to exit through the gate. Her expression remained tranquil as she made her way from the great stone castle, the latest copy of The Quibbler tucked securely under her right arm. It was the only magazine in the world that Luna believed told any shred of truth and coincidently her father just happened to be the author. Even though most of the wizarding world doubted Xenophilius' information, Luna didn't need telling; she knew her father was an intelligent man and she stood behind him completely. Everyone else it seemed just needed to open their minds.

Looking to the skies, Luna knew first hand that it was going to be an excellent day, as the weather was absolutely brilliant. There was hardly a cloud visible anywhere, and the golden rays that projected from the sun appeared to be dancing gloriously overhead. A group of third year Ravenclaw's were talking animatedly in front of her and Luna smiled momentarily in spite of her own house. They hadn't even reached Hogsmeade yet and clearly they were already excited; Not that she could disagree.

A slight breeze brushed across her white skin and her unbound hair caught freely in the wind. Her waist length curls rippled swiftly down her back in a wavelike motion, but Luna however, barely seemed to take any notice. This is because at that very moment, Hogsmeade had begun to open up in front of her eyes. The streets ahead were filled with students rushing from store to store as they decided how to make the most of their visit. Others still waited along side the stores in order to meet up with friends before going any further. Luna however kept walking, glancing up every so often to look at each of the shops as though seeing them for the first time. She wondered hopefully if there would be enough time to visit them all. Coming to a stop nearby the Three Broomsticks, Luna stood off to the side of the street so as not to get in anyone's way. Her signature vacant expression reflected upon on her face as her eyes moved about to watch all those around her. She didn't really have a plan as to how she would spend her day, but it did not make much difference to her. Perhaps if she was lucky, she would be able find some pesky Nargles to apprehend.

Spotting a glimpse of familiar red hair, Luna peered over to see Ginny Weasley strolling by looking rather indecisive. She let her gaze follow the girl as she passed slowly. In all living memory, Luna had always found Ginny to be a rather pleasant person, who never once resorted to calling her 'crazy' or what not. They had both been apart of the DA together and Luna had come to consider her basically a friend. But as they were not from the same house, it was often difficult to find the time to talk. Acting last minute as she always did, Luna stepped forward. ''Good day to you Ginny Weasley." she remarked softly as she approached in a friendly manner, briefly glancing around Ginny as she spoke. "Ooh you are alone? Her question echoed strangely between the two, but none the less administrated in their regular dreamlike quality.
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Ginny Weasley
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Her steps were slow as she wandered down the path towards the wizarding village. She enjoyed being back at school, but it had been difficult to concentrate on classes during the past week. Her mind had been occupied by questions as to what was going on beyond the walls of Hogwarts. During the summer, she had known almost instantly news of the dark lord’s movements and the order’s gains and losses. The sudden loss of information was one of the most difficult parts for her back at school, especially since the majority of her family was thick in the middle of the war, not to mention many of her friends. There were times during class when even a single word of one of her professors would spark her thoughts back to worrying about her family or friends. But she would deal with it, just like she always had.

A familiar voice called her back to the present, and she realized just how far down the road she had gotten. The recognizable buildings of Hogsmeade was already coming into sight, and even the Shrieking Shack could just be seen off to the side all by itself. She hadn’t even decided yet where she was going to go first or what she needed from any of the shops. More than anything she wanted just a day to stop thinking, relax, enjoy the weather. Though she hadn’t planned on spending the day with anyone else, it was nice to have a bit of company.

“Hello to you too, Luna.” Ginny couldn’t help but wonder if there was more than one meaning behind Luna’s question, but she smiled at the girl nonetheless. She had always gotten on fairly well with Luna, even if the Ravenclaw was a tad bit strange. Wasn’t everyone in their own way? Part of her sometimes felt sorry for Luna as she oftentimes was made fun of for her unique ideas. But another part of her, the part that stuck up for Luna and reprimanded those that she caught teasing the girl, admired her for sticking to her beliefs; a trait that was difficult to come by in adolescents.

“Well, I suppose I was alone, but not anymore.” Her grin widened a bit as turned towards the other girl who had now become her companion. Maybe they could even spend the whole day together, wandering the town. Luna was one girl that Ginny doubted would have too strong of convictions as to where they would go, and that was just fine with her on a day like this. “Would you like to accompany me on this fine day in town?” She put her hands in her pockets as she waited for the answer, hoping that Luna would come with her. Now that she’d met up with the girl, she found that she didn’t really want to walk around the town completely alone all day.

Her eyes caught on the object that Luna was holding onto, and she nodded to the magazine. “The Quibbler seems to have been doing well. I took out a subscription over the summer.” That particular magazine was printing more of the truth than the Prophet had been of late; ever since the Ministry had been infiltrated by death eaters. Though it wasn’t the type of publication that she would have read starting out school, the magazine had changed a bit in the past couple of years. Ever since Harry had done an exclusive interview for the Quibbler, they had started printing more of the truth and less of the, well, crazy. She was even starting to enjoy some of that crazy.
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