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Sitting Around the Common Room; Open for anyone
Topic Started: 28 Jul 2009, 09:35 AM (576 Views)
Harry Potter
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Harry followed the rest of the school into the entrance hall. Looking around he looked at the group, "I'm not hungry, lemme know what the hat says and what Dumbledore says." He headed upstairs to the Common Room. Sitting down, he sighed. Don't get him wrong, he missed the place yet he felt as if something were missing.

He hoped nobody came in after him, he just wasn't in the mood to be around people right now. If all else failed he'd get the cloak out tonight and head down to the kitchens. If anyone did walk in though, he hoped it was Ginny or Hermione. Ginny because contrary to whatever he would tell anyone, he did miss being with her, and Hermione because she was one of the few he knew he could trust. He didn't know just how much he could trust Ron anymore, it wasn't a secret as to how jealous Ron could be.

Quickly, he stepped up to the 7th year boys' dormitory and grabbed a muggle book he had been reading over the summer at the Dursleys' Misery by Stephan King. He strode downstairs again and sat by his favorite spot next to the fire and opened it to the page where he was at and got immersed into the book.
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Ron Weasley
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It wasn't the first time Ron had been submitted to a situation like this; one in which he was expected to be content with hanging onto the words of another. Just to pretend to go along with it all and hope that it would be eventually resolved in the end. No, this type of occurrence was now becoming an almost daily event between him and his best mate, Harry Potter, and truthfully, he was getting sick of it.

His ocean blue eyes narrowed as he watched Harry's wafting figure disappear from sight. The entrance hall had begun to empty out now, as students pushed their way through to the Great Hall, leaving only Ron and Hermione. An airy sigh escaped from Ron's lips as he proceeded to run a hand briskly through his ginger red locks. His mind was aching with questions that he sought desperately to have answered, but in all honesty, he knew no one would. A frown tugged at the edges of his lips, and his eyebrows came together in confusion.

They only been back at Hogwarts for less than a day, and Ron had already been put under the impression that Harry was angry with him. He and Harry had been known to have the occasional quarrel from time to time and it seemed, perhaps, that they were overdue. Their tiffs never lasted that long, a positive note, but nevertheless Ron couldn't help but feel frustrated by the way things were going. He glanced skeptically at Hermione as he mentally decided upon what he was going to do.” 'Mione, I think I'm gonna go check on Harry, you know, see he's alrite” he said finally, his voice thickly laced in remorse. He felt bad for ditching her like this, but he needed to know what was going on between him and Harry.

Ron then reluctantly shifted his gaze from hers as he began a slow-paced jog up the staircase, disappearing in much the same fashion Harry had. The corridors felt muggy and hot and he raced along them, his footsteps echoing loudly off the stonewalls. His mind continued to drift in and out of reality, unaware that his feet had absentmindedly been guiding him along back to the Gryffindor Common Room.

Barley noticing the portrait of the Fat Lady, Ron muttered the password under his breath and the door swung open. Quickly clambering in, Ron proceeded to look about the room intensely. Glancing towards the crackling of the fireplace, he realized that there was indeed someone there. Stepping closer, he noticed the familiar unkempt black hair of the person he sought.

“Oi, Harry. What in the name of Merlin are you doing up here?”

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