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Site Welcome
Topic Started: 23 Jul 2009, 02:05 PM (740 Views)
Hermione Granger
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Hello, visitors and friends,

I wanted to welcome you to Avada Kedavra. The history of this RPG dates back about five or six years ago. A friend of mine, Benji, and I decided to start up our own Harry Potter RPG. This was back before the Half Blood Prince, and the Deathly Hollows were even fathomed. Ours was a future Harry Potter RPG that had some pretty good plots going on. Eventually, we both sort of grew out of the site because things in our life were speeding up and we decided to shut the site down. Well, after seeing the most recent movie, and talking to some friends, I brought up the question "What if...?" It sparked a great conversation that led me to deciding to start Avada Kedavra again. I chose Avada Kedavra for the title because the biggest difference from the canon plot is, since this takes place starting with Harry's Seventh year, Albus Dumbledore never died.

Dumbledore managed to dodge the curse shot out by Snape. The Elder Wand took aid with Dumbledore and managed to help break the unbreakable promise that Snape made with Narcissa Malfoy. Dumbledore never put on the Gaunt Ring to use the Resurrection Stone and thus never had to worry about his ailment. With this said, the staff at Hogwarts managed to fight off the Death Eaters and destroy the Vanishing Cabinet to prevent them from returning to the school. Professor Snape and Dumbledore informed the Order of the behind the scenes deals made with the unbreakable promise, and Voldemorts plans with Draco to prove both of the Slytherin's innocence. With a little work of the media, Snape's innocence was proven and his post as the Defense Against the Dark Arts was returned. Over the summer, the Order has investigated every possible source and unearthed five of the seven horcrux and managed to destroy them. With only two left, Voldemort is growing restless and planning to launch another attack on the school. It's Harry and the gang's last year at Hogwarts. The group is still working on figuring out everything with the Order, as they have been reluctantly admitted into it.

I understand that there are hundreds of Harry Potter RPGs out there, but I encourage everyone to join ours here at Avada Kedavra. There will be many exciting events to go on here! There are many secret areas on the board that you can unearth to add a little excitement to your plots! Original characters are welcome, but NO non-canon relatives of the students.

I want to thank everyone for at least stopping by. Again, I encourage everyone to join and at least try us out! If it's not what you expected, no hard feelings, but I'll appreciate your time nonetheless.

Again, welcome to Avada Kedavra! I'm excited to see what all goes on in character!!


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Becca Wong, Head Administrator
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