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Antipathy Rules
We appreciate that you have joined the clan, Antipathy. We want to give every member the best experience possible and thus have set in place some rules and guidelines that will help you and others enjoy your membership. These rules apply across the entire board, in posts, PMs, profiles, shoutbox, blogs, signatures, etc.

Etiquette & Posting Guidelines
  • The following content is unacceptable and will be removed on sight, with the offending user warned as appropriate:
    • Excessive Profanity
    • Racial, ethnic, gender insults, or discriminatory material of any kind
      Rude or inflammatory behavior toward members and staff.
    • Posting private conversations including, but not limited to: personal messages, instant message conversations or e-mail conversations.
    • Short, useless posts or excessive repeated posts—i.e., spam
    • Pornography, warez, or any other illegal activities
    • Personal or contact details of yourself or anyone else. This includes, but is not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, and IP addresses. If you wish to share your details with someone, use the PM system.

  • Any content that is 'ripped' or found to be in violation of copyright will be removed immediately and handled according to our Copyright Violation Policy.
  • Please be considerate of those on slower connections. Instead of posting large images, please link to them.
  • We reserve the right to edit or remove any posted content, even if it is not listed above. Topics may be deleted or closed to keep the board organized and prevent spam.
  • Antipathy uses advertising to generate revenue. Discussion of ad-blocking software will result in suspension starting at one week.
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete your account at any time without warning or explanation. You use this board at your own risk; we make no warranty that the information supplied is correct or accurate.
  • You are only allowed one account at this board. Creating multiple accounts to get around suspension or other punishments will result in a tripling of the punishment time or permanent banishment.
  • We restrict accounts to remove access to certain parts of the board that members abuse. These restrictions are permanent; do not request to be unrestricted.
    If you have a complaint about a staff member's conduct, please send a PM to Tasty Scope, or another member of the Administration Office.

Profile Guidelines
  • Your signature, including all images and text, must fit inside this box of 550x150 pixels.
  • Limit the size of text in your signature to 2 sizes larger than the base size.
  • Any images in your signature should not total to more than 100 KB in file size.
  • Avatars should be no more than 50 KB in file size.
  • Do not use flashing images in your avatar or signature; these may cause problems for photo-sensitive users.
  • Please keep avatars and signatures family friendly.
  • Users who wish to change their username must have less than 2 warns.
  • Users who have requested a name change must wait 3 months before submitting another name change request.

Advertising & Links
  • Do not advertise any board, website, or service via PM, topic, post, or anywhere else on this board.
  • You may advertise in your blog, signature, and profile, with the following exceptions:
    • Other RuneScape help sites or RuneScape websites
    • Referral links of any sort
    • Links to harmful locations (such as the sign out link or “shock sites”)