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Pokémon Inferno Adoptables Release!; The release of PokéFerno's Adoptables!
Topic Started: Jun 30 2010, 04:37 PM
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Pokémon Inferno's Adoptables! I have been working on this project for some time now and it's finally complete! The site now has Adoptables!

Site : http://pokeferno.myadopts.com

About the Adoptables : You can adopt your very own Pokémon: care for them, raise them, and evolve them!

How Adoptables work : Everytime you click on an Adoptable it goes up 1 level. Ex. If you clicked a Bulbasaur at level 5, it will go to level 6) (Also, you can only level up the same adoptable once per day) You can also name each Adoptable you get.

How many can you adopt : You can adopt as many Adoptables as you want! Make sure to give them cool nicknames and show them off to everyone!

What you can do with them : You can post your Adoptables in forum signatures and other places using the Adopt's BBCode and HTML Code (Both provided when you Adopt the Pokémon)

Promo Pokémon : With special codes (that can be obtained in many ways) you can get very special Pokémon. Promo Pokémon do NOT show up on the regular Adopt page. If you have any more questions on Promo Pokémon feel free to contact me.

Known Glitches : Sometimes (and this rarely happens) The Adoptable's image might not show in your signature. This is a problem that I unfortunately can't fix because the Adoptable's host is working on it as we speak. They will be updating their sever VERY soon and it will be fixed.

Make sure to visit the Pokémon Inferno's Adoptables TODAY! at http://pokeferno.myadopts.com

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All Games, Anime, and Pokémon are © to their respective owners and founders.

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