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Guild Recruitment Macro; Recruiting peepz
Topic Started: Jun 12 2008, 04:41 PM (13,944 Views)

Here is the macro i use for recruiting new member into angel of darkness feel free to adjust accordingly or use the same one. Currently our only requirments are they must be a lvl 70 and if they want to do bg premades they must download av enabler, instructions can be found in addons section of this forum. ~* <Angels of Darkness> is now recruiting - PvP/PvE - Accepting all classes 70 have bank, Tabard,Vent, internet forum for scheduled runs like Kara,Heroics,BG premades and PvP raids , Active members only please Pst inv/info *~
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There is something you can do so you dont accidentally type it in places you dont want it (like myth has done many times).

Make a macro and put either a /2 or whatever chat number you want to shout out your message in. All you have to do then is move the icon on your actionbar, click it and it should work without you typing anything in.

Please do use it in a non spamming way though...usually that just leads to people flaming.

Example: /2 ~* <Angels of Darkness> is now recruiting - PvP/PvE - Accepting all classes of 70s. We have a bank, Tabard, Vent,forum for scheduling runs (Kara/Heroics/premade BG/PvP raids). Active members only please! Pst inv/info *~
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