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Official Huricane Irene Thread
Anyway, the hurricain is a total dud. Not really much to report. A guy got hit by a tree limb

Official Huricane Irene Thread
Well.. Some of those right wing "guys" over there need a beat down and who's better qualified to deliver it than me?

Maybe LJ, Archer and a few others- Or you DB if you ever decide to go sluming over there.

Just as an FYI
Aug 5 2011, 12:42 PM
Hello all =)

I was under the assumption that the volunteer/elected moderators had a term of 3 months so I just assumed my position as one was over. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Take Care , Rue
I'm willing to take the job..I've enhanced my message board resume since I was here before...

Official Huricane Irene Thread
I have to say..its been treating me fairly...Not great, but not to bad either...How about you DB?

Official Huricane Irene Thread
If anyone in the Virgina area is reading this: Please seek higher ground

Official Huricane Irene Thread
As you all know i'm a professional amature weatherman who accurately predicted Katrina and many local blizzards. I called Katrina when it was off the coast of Africa and predicted the Hurricanes eye's landfall to within 2 miles while she was still way out in the atlantic. I also predicted the deep horizon well desiaster and kept you informed daily on it. They are calling Irene a catagory 2, but I call it a catagory 1 3/4 because according to the latest buoy data she's weaking considerably. I'm predicting only about a dozen deaths and multiple billions of dollars in damages from this big spead out tropical depression. I think we'll see some standing water in New York City but not nearly the affects that the media is portraying. Initial storm surge of 11 to 12 feet and winds at landfall of 86 to 87 mph.. Winds when it hits New York to be around 44 to 45 MPH. I'm releasing my eye landfall prediction at 6:02pm MST tonight.