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The new "N" word?
Jul 14 2010, 09:44 AM
I have " heard" about a few Homoerotic Movies Mel made early in his career :shrug: also heard same thing about Stallone.

My top 5 over paid worst actors are

1. Tom Cruise
2. Nick Cage < gack>
3. Brad Pitt < ewwwwww>
4.Eddie Murphy/Will Smith.... can't decide who is worse
5. Leonardo Dicrappio~
was gonna add Johnny Depp but Dicrappio beats him by a mile

Hollyweird needs some new blood~
Will Smith is the worst! How about Kevin Cosner? He's the same everytime, really boring.

The weather is beautiful
No the only way we get things in America is if someone can make a dime off of it...I bet that was a public bus Gringa was riding on..The rest of the world has free Wi-Fi but not here- We don't invest in people, we try to make money off them. Thats what America is all about, screwing eachother

The new "N" word?
Jul 15 2010, 08:44 PM
That's been apparent for a long time. They'll deny it all day long, but the bottom line is that the idea of a (half)-black man in the White House is simply too much for them.
Yep bottom line- They're racists..

The new "N" word?
I didn't believe it at first but know I think this whole tea party "movement" is a bunch of white people outraged that a black man is in the white house..

Justice delayed
Jul 13 2010, 06:11 PM
- it will get swept under the proverbial rug.
"the proverbial rug"

Ha ha ha ha I thought only I said stuff like that?

Restaurant Suggestions in
Jul 14 2010, 08:35 PM
What? He's cheatin' on us with that other site?
lol- no

This makes me sick
...Obamas a big dissapointment.

The weather is beautiful
Oh thanks, Yes i'm home...And well see you when you get back Gringa...

The weather is beautiful
Finally, it's summer..I played 18 holes yesterday and I almost died. The Littleton Golf and Tennis Club course only has water on every 5th or 6th hole...I missed one and walked a mile or two between drinks with 50 pounds on my back in the noon sun...Then I drank a gallon of ice water all at once.

World Cup
Spain will win, but I bet on Holland for reasons I cannot discuss here

bullshit new site
Jul 9 2010, 10:10 AM
Hey, welcome back MP.
Thanks bro

Some times the bear gets you
..He was scared the bear would eat his leftover meat loaf and condiments..He had to take imeadiate action

Obviously a republican

bullshit new site
moron pro
Jul 7 2010, 08:29 PM
"Bullshit new site, idiots, ditto heads, cons, wing nuts, ugly shit, conservatopia, backwood hillbillies."

And "I live in Mexico" so my say is the last word, nobody else knows anything attitude. Gringa your insights about Mexico are valid and add to the conversation, but how is it that you are the undisputed expert and everyone should agree with you 100% or you get ticked off?

Yeah Gringa how dare you have an opinion on Mexico? Don't you know those ditto heads conservatopians are experts on everything?

I posted negative opinions from the Phoenix and Tucson sheriffs on the new "Papers Please" law in Arizona and they all said their opinions are meaningless, and after pointing out how absurd saying that was they all argued that they knew more about the situation that the sheriffs in Arizona did, and they were serious.
I thought Wayne was bad but RockDoc makes the infamous Whoppertopperâ„¢ look humble.