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Updates on Egypt
Feb 22 2011, 01:36 PM
What do you mean Manna? If we don't direct it how can it be good?
Ha ha ha ha ha...I almost answered that seriously..Then I saw who posted it.

Glenn Beck on the way out?
I'm always shocked how guys like him and rush become popular in the first place..These guys are their leaders! These dorks with no personality or Charisma attract actual followers!? If I were a greedy son of a bitch I'd be a AM right wing radio Pide Piper myself. These angry white right wingnuts in this country are just so easy to minipulate. They are just too easy.

Updates on Egypt
Believe me..We are over their with suitcases of money trying to get a guy who's interests are closely aligned to our (Israeli) interests in power over there....Why can't we just let people be free without trying to greatly influence their politics?

Happy Birthday Gringa!
Happy Birthday Gringa! I know your around 51 but you could easily pass for 45..All the tequila is peserving you I think

The Natural Debt Crisis
Feb 22 2011, 10:44 AM
What's amazing to me, though, is that the very politicians who are so worried about the public debt — and who want deep spending cuts now to save our future, whatever the cost — utterly dismiss the idea that we could face an equal crisis of natural debt. Politicians like Boehner and Ryan order us to tighten our belts immediately, but they utterly deny the climate and resource crisis the world faces. In fact, the Republicans in Congress are going well beyond simple denial — they're now using their budget to erode America's ability to prepare for that very scary future.

The Republican budget would cut the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) budget by one-third — $3 billion — and would prevent the agency from setting any limits on CO2 and a number of other pollutants. It would eliminate U.S. funding for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — which would save all of $12.5 million. It would cut Department of Energy budgets that promoted renewable energy by $1.7 billion — a 23% reduction at a time when the U.S. is in a clean-energy race with China. The National Science Foundation budget would be cut by $395.5 million. "This is probably the single most irresponsible bill I have seen either Chamber of Congress pass in the more than 20 years I have been in Washington," wrote Dan Lashof, the director of the Natural Resource Defense Council's climate center.

To which the Republicans would respond, We face an unprecedented fiscal crisis, and tough choices have to be made. All right — but if you believe public debt is such a potential catastrophe that it must be defused now, no matter the short-term pain, it only seems right to take our natural debt just as seriously. Either way, we're broke — and it's time we acted like it.


It's sad to me that this matter of basic survival has become a political posturing point. We gamble with our childrens future to score partisan points.
Well if half the country wasn't so dumb the corporate interest could never have us fighting amongst ourselves over this.

Remember the missile of the California coast?
Oh boy...Another monumental waste of money...Good luck with trying to intercept a bullet with another bullet...Its never gonna work 100% of the time and it's got to work 100% of the time to be effective

Although in this case Kadifi is not our puppet...Or he just recently became one right? Maybe thats the problem the people there have now?

The entire middle east is breaking the chains of American Imperilism that has bound them for the last half a century. And I didn't read that anywhere..I just came up wwith that myself...

I am off to Guadalajara

He is a poster child for the hypocrisy
When I saw the title of the thread I thought this would be about The Obama administrations initial reactions to the revolt in Egypt. That was disgusting wasn't it? Not to mention embarassing- Especially for the freedom loving country that we thought we were

Updates on Egypt
The Egyptians are incredibly forgiving aren't they? By all rights they should hate our guts for opressing them for the last 30 years with our puppet Mubarak, but they seem to be happy just to be free. It's like those wrongly convicted guys who get out of Jail after 20 years-They usually seem to hold no grudges while I'd come bustin out of the prison spittin, screaming and wanting to kill someone..

outsourcing bites Boeing
Also, United Air Lines is now paying more for food service than they did before they outsourced it, and everybody got a meal when United did it themselves. They also outsourced the fueling of their aircraft and thats costing them twice as much to do now. Farming out work looked good on paper, but now they pay a middleman who pays the fuelers $10/hour, instead of United paying every fueler $23/hour. So what we got is one guy getting rich and hoarding the money instead of 100 guys making and spreading it out in the community. United fuelers sent their kids to college while ASIG fuelers can barely afford to live in Montbello apartments. Outsourceing-It's great for America isn't it!?