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Happy Birthday Science Chic!

Happy Birthday Science Chic!
Nov 16 2010, 08:28 PM
Didn't you drop out?
No that was just part of my strategy. I was trying to win with strategy rather than treachery..Thats what I get for taking the high road

Happy Birthday Science Chic!
He said that Viking most probably cheated and that he expected me to as well... I'm not saying you had any part of it, but the buck does stop at your table.

Since I haven't been posting much
Hello again
Nov 16 2010, 01:10 PM
Nov 16 2010, 12:09 PM
middle school name calling makes you look like anything but a immature
Thanks for explaining your nic.
Hello Again...Can we stay on topic please? The topic was how much nicer the board is when you're not around

YOU fix the deficit
Nov 16 2010, 04:02 PM
I am good, enjoying my life and home.

I think we will see who is being hurt by the assholes sooner than you think, my friend. The writing is on the wall. I do not advocate any cuts in any programs that hurt us, the average Joes. I oppose withholding SS until we are 70. I oppose cuts in the program. I have no problem taxing it for people that are in the highest tax brackets. I advocate cutting waste, making government and military smaller. We should return to the premise of our military, to defend our homeland - not as invaders or chasing some asshole around the world who may or may not have killed 3500 people and killing our youngters in the thousand for oil, the real goal, to make the rich richer. Hell, Heroin kills 25,000 a year, yet Afghanistan is producing the crap out of it and we turn a blind eye. Ridiculous - the whole fucking thing is ridiculous. TAKE BACK OUR MONEY and abolish the Fed. In a fairy tale world, medicine would NOT be a FOR profit industry, but why even bother discussing that? That world is too powerful to screw with - just look at what happened and is happening to health care for all?

I feeling hopeless about it all.... sorry, but this election meant nothing. NOTHING. If you think the Republicans aren't on the take and care about YOU, you are living in another fairly tale land. I am going to go about living my life and try not to worry about it all.... it makes me too sick to even think about lately and I don't feel any of us can make a change. That's how I feel...... :gringa:
I didn't even vote...I just don't care anymore

Happy Birthday Science Chic!
Science Chic
Nov 16 2010, 01:32 PM
Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

MP - you aren't still smarting from your loss, are you? Be proud that, as chock full of conservatives as 285Bound is, 2 liberals ran for "president" and got a pretty good chunk of them to participate! It was all supposed to be for fun, so let's keep doing that! Besides, I've missed your screwing with Teddy, Outdoor, and Nmysys! :laugh:
JMC , the administrator revealed today that you guys did in fact cheat and that he let it go because he expected me to cheat as well...He obviously doesn't know me that well, because I never cheat

Since I haven't been posting much
Hello again
Nov 14 2010, 11:46 PM
Moron Pro was getting hammered at 285Bound....I guess he wanted to some back to the his Safe Zone. Hey Gringa! Hey DL!
No, I got bored after chewing up and spitting out the fresh meat over there....I like to do that so I was posting there, but these people here are my real friends..Thanks for the kind words friends

Extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich? Why?
Hello again
Nov 15 2010, 11:47 PM
It must be nice to spend other people's money by taxing them at higher rates. Here's an idea, let's charge the 35% of the Americans who pay NO taxes a minimum of $ 750. Then everyone in America would have some skin in the game. Until we go to a flat tax, we will continue to give Washington power over us. Power they should not have.

The moron is argueing against his own self interests again

10 things to do now
Hello again
Nov 15 2010, 11:53 PM
Manna Pro
Nov 13 2010, 07:30 PM
Abolish the federal reserve system
Publicly finance campiegns

Those 2 things would change everything.
Here's a few simple fixes:

1) Abolish the Fed
2) Go back to gold standard internationally. Continue the Fiat currency domestically.
3) Campaign funding limits with all monies raised in your state. No out of state, pac or corporate money.
4) Flat Income tax of 17%. Require all employers to pay via an electronic payroll system and taxes auto deducted and withdrawn.

I forgot the most importsant one: Get out of NAFTA somehow.

17% tax for everyone? F-you you communist...

Since I haven't been posting much
It looks like all the freaks left and just the good ones are left....

Its nice

For Noor
Yesterday they were in the parking garage at DIA looking under all the cars with mirros...I asked one of them whats up and he said they do randomly when theres nothing else to do.


10 things to do now
Abolish the federal reserve system
Publicly finance campiegns

Those 2 things would change everything.

Happy Birthday Science Chic!
Science Chic
Nov 12 2010, 05:58 PM
Thanks Ladies! As soon as hubby gets back from taking the kids shopping, we'll have pot roast for dinner and cupcakes the munchkins made for dessert!
Don't you have some presidentiall duties to attend to?

Fishing Tournament!
I wish I was there

FOX News goes nuts over a suitcase left on the street
Nov 13 2010, 07:06 PM
They don't even try to spin believable lies anymore. They know we'll swallow whole whatever they give us. We've turned into a country of children- easily distracted and bribed into compliance.
We gotta be the dumbest people on earth. I knew things were getting bad when I saw all the table games being replaced with slot machines in Las Vegas about 10-15 years ago because "the people wanted more slots"...